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Kaleidoscope is group of multi-faceted individuals that have accomplished amazing feats, having working with the likes of Target, Amazon, Apple, Citigroup, Microsoft, WAI Global, Tribal DDB and MTV to name but a few.

Whether you’re a budding startup or a blue chip trend setter, we want to hear from you and the areas in your business you could use a little extra help with.

We have the teams to work on global projects that require speed and accuracy while providing the best advice and coaching before, during and after a project launch.

Get in touch with our experienced business consultants to see how we can help your company grow and add revenue to your product or service offering. Our track record will blow you away and we want to do the same for you!

Global Offices include: United States (Los Angeles & Tampa), Mexico City, Poland, United Kingdom, & Australia

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1-877-775-3150

Consulting Services

At Kaleidoscope our team is made up of top talent from all over the world, coming from household brands such as Amazon, Apple, Citigroup, Target, Microsoft, WAI Global, Link Research Tools, Tribal DDB, WIX, McCann Erickson, CBS, MIT to name just a few.

Whether you are looking for some outside help growing your online business, starting a company from scratch or adding a global sales force, Kaleidoscope’s core team of advisors and consultants have you covered! Each division of the company has a lead consultant who can work on a project basis or long term retainers. Check out our full list of consulting services.

Kaleidoscope Digital

A marketing agency with a digital focus, working on global projects to propel campaigns into the ultimate profit zone for our clients and products. Covering the following core services:

Digital Consulting, Strategy and Planning, Creative and Production, Digital Media & Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Research and Analytics, Emerging Trends & Technology (K­Labs), Brand Identity, Positioning and Strategy, Advertising Strategy, Creative and Production, Media Planning and Buying, Publishing, Print and Signage, Direct Marketing, Training & Learning

E-Commerce Solutions

At the heart of all our digital products and services is our e-commerce team, providing the basis for revenue generation for both our clients and internal projects. Here are some of the services we offer to our clients:

E­-Commerce Consulting, Amazon Services, E-­Commerce Marketing & Merchandising, Product Sourcing, Online Store Management, Affiliate Management, Mobile Commerce, Social Commerce, Retail Partnerships, Product Ratings & Reviews, Fulfilment Services, Supply Chain & Logistics, Customer Service, Training & Learning, Platform selection and development.


As a multinational, multi­talented, and multi­purpose Holding & Consulting Company, We needed to be technologically integrated across the board.

Implemented best of class, off­the­shelf, software, communications, and network infrastructure in support of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Logistics, Warehousing, Human Resources, Sales, and Customer Support. Architected, designed, and managed the custom software development efforts in support of several 24×7 enterprises for the Holding Company.

SEO Agency

We have a in-house SEO Agency called NavigationSource, offering the following core services:

Global SEO, Local SEO, Link Detox, Domain monitoring and performance optimisation, Keyword / Phrase placement strategy, Link building strategies and execution, Back link monitoring and fixing, Negative SEO detection and reversal, Engaging with other key sites / link exchanges, Keyword Analysis, Training & Learning.

Social Media

Shout Factor, Our in house social media agency. Led by a team of truly talented social media managers who’ve managed some of the worlds biggest brands. We can provide the following services:

Social Media Consulting, Social Marketing & Advertising, Reputation Management, Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Management, Research and Analytics, Training & Learning.

Data Sciences

Our Data & Analytics division servicing clients and all our in-house products and services. Big data has become more important than ever to better understand user behaviour and buying patterns. We cover the following areas of data sciences:

Big Data, Business Analytics, Business Performance Dashboards and Scorecards, Data Visualization, Predictive Modeling, Applied Machine Learning, Data Mining, Research and Insights, Training & Learning.

Affiliate Management

We’ve got an in-house affiliate team that takes all of our products, and pushes them through a network of publisher websites, with exposure on over 1 million sites globally. We offer affiliate management services for clients and partners covering the following areas:

Managed Affiliate Programs, Deal Sites Management, Customer Acquisition, Lead generation, Promotions and Offers Management, Global Product Distribution, Training & Learning.

Communications & PR

Reaching your target audience through traditional and more modern technology has become more important than ever, with so much competition your brand needs to stand out. Our team covers the following area:

Grassroots PR, Grassroots Outreach and Organizational Partnerships, Targeted Publicity Campaigns, Press Releases, National and Regional Outreach, Event Management, Promotional Campaigns, Blogs & Blogger Outreach, Word­ of ­Mouth / Buzz Marketing, Product Placements.

Physical Product Development

Kaleidoscope has developed hundreds of physical products for Apparel, Gifts, Collectibles, Ceramics, Metals, Glass, Crystal, Figurines, Health Supplements, Plastics, and Wood.

Consumer Products for Sales Channel Marketing Programs, Tradeshow Traffic Builders, Employee Recognition, Gift with Purchase, Point of Sale, Consumer Promotions, Loyalty Programs, Web­Based and Interactive Programs

Staffing & Placement

Building global teams is no easy feat, even for the experienced recruitment agencies. At Kaleidoscope we require vast pools of talent for our growing business, in turn we’ve created a rock solid staffing and recruitment solution that we can apply to your business requirements.

We can provide services in the following areas: Contract Work, Direct Placement, Managed Solutions, Offshore Services, Outsourcing Solutions, Executive recruitment/headhunting.

Coaching & Advisory

With over 25 years experience building successful companies, our executive board offers coaching and advisory services that will help you reach your full potential as an executive leader or budding entrepreneur.

Our executives offer the following services: Senior Leadership Coaching & Development, Organizational Design & Development, STEM Search Consulting, Business Communication Training and Development, Training & Learning

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We Want to Help Your Business

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