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Prasad Kaipa, PhD

Prasad-Kaipa-PhDOver 24 years of experience in CEO coaching, leadership development and executive education. Has worked individually with over 119 CEOs, board members and executive team members and over 18,000 executives through seminars, workshops and courses. Specializes in bringing integrative perspectives to clients and helping them to find their next significant step. Co-founded and directed the TiE Institute in the Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs for first two years that has trained over 13,000 entrepreneurs since 2002. Integrates technology and spirituality with business while working with clients. Worked with companies in US, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, France, South Africa, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh and India. He is an Executive Mentor and Advisor, a former member of Apple Computer where he was appointed the first Apple University Fellow.  His research, books, and consulting engagements have ignited the genius of many of today’s luminary leaders, and led to the change of company cultures worldwide.

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